Hour of Code – Computer Science Education Week


Hour of Code 2013 is a great event to get students excited about computer science and what it really means to be a computer scientist.  The graphic above is pretty cool and powerful.

During this week, millions of students around the United States will “code” for at least one hour and be introduced to computer science.  All of our students play video games or phones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles, so they can understand this concept.  So, how fun and cool would it be for them to create their own game, or app??  I encourage you all to sign-up and have your students participate for at least one hour this coming week.  Here is a link to the educator resources – http://code.org/educate/hoc If your students don’t have access to the computers or devices, there are activities for unplugged classrooms, too.

Here is an introduction video about this awesome event:

In my class this week, I plan to :

  • Show the introduction videos to get the students excited
  • Allow my students to go through the tutorial for beginners section
  • Write their first computer program – Angry Birds themed

Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 2.31.21 PM

  • Go through the Light-Bot App for the iPad
  • Code on the iPad with Hopscotch and Kodable
  • Let them try and create their own game on Tynker
  • Use Minecraft Pocket Edition on their iPads to create an CA Indian Village
  • Go through some of the Unplugged activities

I hope you join my class and millions of other students during this week for the Hour of Code!!!

Here is another short video about the Hour of Code:


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