Manga High – Math Games


This week’s FREE Web Tool is Manga High –   This is a Math games site that ranges from K-12 concepts, but I feel about half the games are for 6th-8th Math.  They are fun-filled Flash games that students will love to play.  There are a couple of the them that are multi-player – Kids love to play against other kids from around the world!  My student’s favorite games is PEMDAS Blaster – it makes students practice their basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Another cool portion of Manga High is the teacher’s lessons and the Prodigi section of the website.  Prodigi can be used for math intervention and customized for students who need extra help with certain concepts.  The standards are aligned by state and country – I have my class setup for Common Core US Standards.

Here is a link to Get Started on Manga High and add student accounts – did I mention this is FREE – But, there is a paid version that has some more levels or features to some of the games.

Enjoy watching your kids have a blast reinforcing the much needed math facts mastery skills that they need!


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