Classroom Games


This week’s FREE Web Tool is really a web site that has numerous games to use in any classroom K – 20!!  You heard that right, these tools/games can be used in Kindergarten – College and more.

Please check out –

I heard about this site from a educational technology conference (FETC) I went to in Florida just over a week ago.  The creator of the games, Dr. Jeff Ertzberger, presented many games/utilities to use right away in the your classroom.  Many of them are customizable to fit your needs for any subject matter.  All the games and templates are based/programmed in Microsoft Office.

Here is a list of some of the games/utilities:

  • Word Scramble
  • Printable Game Boards
  • Bingo Game Card Generator
  • Jeopardy-like game
  • $100,000 Pyramd-like game
  • Racing Game
  • Wheel of Fortune-like game
  • Timers
  • Plus more

There are more games available for purchase – Premium Games, which also includes a book for $19.99.  Which is really is a great deal for all the games you can download and customize for your various needs.  These games can be used as a center activity, universal access, interactive whiteboard activity/center, review for a test, checking for understanding, etc.

With Common Core coming, you can also look at this as a way for students to “create” or “develop” (higher order thinking skills) there own games with the provided templates.  How powerful would it be to have your students make there own games to review key concepts and show their real mastery of the standards?

I hope you enjoy these great games!


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