TenMarks Math


This week’s web tool is TenMarks Math.  This site is FREE and really easy to setup and use.  Once you have signed up and created your class list, then you are ready for your students to start working on assignments.  You can assign students specific skills/standards or you can assign a broad area subject.  This allows you to differentiate your instruction and their learning.  For example, if you have a student that is struggling with number sense and place value. You can assign the place value to the millions “track” for them to follow and accomplish.

My students really enjoy the assignments and find them challenging at times.  When they finish a track or assignment they want to keep going further and further.  Another great thing is the competition aspect, students want to get the most points for the week or most points overall.

Also, there is a game feature with the assignments.  When students finish a certain amount of assignments or tracks, it unlocks a game for them to play.  They want to earn their points and finish their tasks, just so they can play the games.

My class has also used Khan Academy this year.  This is very much like Khan Academy where it asks a question, and it will give them clues.  Then if they still don’t understand, they can watch the video attached to the standard or skill.  But, Khan Academy doesn’t have the gaming function, yet!

I think your students will be just like mine and want to keep earning points and playing games.  The best part is the students are learning and honing their math skills and they don’t even know it!


One thought on “TenMarks Math

  1. Thanks for your excellent post. I agree that the use of games stimulates students and drives them to figure things out. They don’t even know they are increasing their knowledge as they seek the rewards of the game. Great looking blog.

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