Storybird – Collaborative Storytelling


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”  – Albert Einstein

This week’s web tool is Storybird –  They define it as Collaborative Storytelling, I define it as a fun and creative outlet for students of all ages.  Storybird is a FREE website that allows students to develop and create their own stories (imaginative narratives, personal narratives, persuasive, and even response to literature) – PLUS they get to pick illustrations for their “book!”  Students will thrive and want to make more Storybirds.  They love getting feedback on their stories, which is the collaborative part of this website.  Once they have published their Storybird, friends, teachers, parents, etc. can read, share, and comment on the Storybird.  I know my students always love to get feedback from anyone, the social aspect of this website is great.

To get your class started you will need to create an account, a class, and student logins.  Give them a quick tutorial and they will be off creating and publishing!  It is a very user-friendly environment and interface.

Another great aspect of Storybird is that books can be purchased.  They can be made into a .pdf file (~$1.99) or even a deluxe hardcover ($35+).  Students, parents and families would love to have a published story as a real book.

In closing, please take a look at this web tool and let your students imaginations run wild and free.  I know many students today haven’t tapped this part of their brain enough and don’t get the opportunities to be creative.

Here is an quick example of my last Storybird –



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