ScootPad :: Practice. Learn. Succeed.


ScootPad –

Practice – Learn – Succeed

My class has been using ScootPad for the past month or two and love it.  This is a FREE web tool for teachers, students, and parents!!  It is a customizable Common Core curriculum website that lets teachers enable students to practice, learn, and succeed.  Another great feature I like is the student and class reports – you are able to see who is proficient and what skills/concepts students are not understanding.  You can then give those students who need the extra practice the skills they are lacking and provide the needed interventions.  Also, you can create homework assignments and establish goals for them to meet.  My students love to compete against one and another to get the most “coins.”  Rewards can be added by teachers or even parents when students meet certain milestones.  ScootPad is available 24/7 and will help students prepare for the upcoming Common Core State Standards.  Let me know how you and your students like it!!!  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and ask below.



2 thoughts on “ScootPad :: Practice. Learn. Succeed.

  1. Yes! It is meant for K-5 students. Yo will just need to setup accounts for each of your students. They assign the usernames and you assign the password – I used “welcome” as their default password. They can change it or keep that one. You will have administrator rights and can change them if they forget them.

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