This is my attempt to share as many web tools for the the elementary school teacher, parent, and student.  So, what is an educational web tool?  My definition of a educational web tool is the following:

  • an app
  • an educaitonal game
  • a blog
  • software
  • an online learning platform
  • an online social media community
  • an online web resource

I hope to share as many new and established web tools that I can.  The web tools I will review and share will hopefully help your classroom students reach the next level of learning or think more critically about their learning.  These web tools are becoming the new way our students will learn, collaborate, and create.  So, climb aboard and let’s start sharing, collaborating, and learning for our 21st century learners…


2 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. Hey Shawn. Has your class tried any of the digital story telling programs/apps out there? Last year my class tried Domo Animation last year. They made a 1-2 minute project explaining the steps of particular math problem (adding/sub fractions, comparing fractions, decimals,etc). I think it worked well because they had to know the math steps, and they had to be able to write out a script and use technology to produce their comic. Oh and of course the partner/collaboration part was fun!

    When we come back I am going to have my class tackle Strip Design on the iPads and see how that goes.

  2. Jessie – I haven’t done the Domo Animation thing, but if time persists I will try it out. I wish we had an iPad cart to try some other things, maybe we will get one soon! Let me know how it goes. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment and stuff on here anytime!

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